Adobe Zii 2020 Patcher – Download Universal Patcher For Mac

Adobe Zii is the best application for installing any Adobe apps. A Russian developer named TNT created Adobe Zii. As per the inventor, Adobe Zii is a patch that allows you to activate any Adobe products illegally.

What is Adobe zii?

Do you know the monthly fees of Adobe for using their products? Due to the objectionable charges, internet buffs took the way to pirate the apps and activated Adobe Zii.

Adobe zii 2020

Adobe Zii or universal patcher works excellent on Mac operating systems and windows. Shockingly, Mac prevents several harmful software from installing but unable to protect Adobe Zii.

Which Applications can be activated using Adobe zii?

Adobe Zii stands for adobe activator or patcher. The upgraded versions of Adobe Zii is a fantastic software program that can help you activate all Adobe 2018,2019 and 2020 software.

Example of such applications: Adobe Illustrator 2020, Adobe Photoshop 2020, etc.

The disadvantages:

Do you think it is okay to use this software in your PC and install various Adobe applications? Generally, cybercriminals sell pirated software through the internet or at the selling shops. If you check the list of those pirated mal-software, you will get the name of Adobe Zii also.

Adobe Zii is nothing but a software that cracks paid programs and drags it directly on your system. 

● According to the experts of Malwarebytes Company, there is a harmful software named darthminar found in Mac operating systems. This mal-software conceals themselves as Adobe Ziimac. Shockingly, this malicious application only cracks your computer. It creates problems as it controls your computer without your knowledge. 

● As it is illegal software, you can’t get proper technical assistance if any failures happen.

● Mal-software can make your PC unstable.

● If you use a licensed operating system in your PC, you can get the utmost technical benefits as you are a legal owner of the software. Illegal installations of software mean the closure of updates.

Besides being happy to use the patched Adobe software without spending a single penny, keep in mind that illegal mal-software can slow down your system. It can also force you to reinstall your operating system.

Will you be punished? 

Before using software that is installed illegally, be sure about the risks. In many countries, illegal activation of applications is punishable.

In the USA and Europe, the authorities can impose fines. In Japan, illegal users can get into jail also.

What is the updated version of adobe zii?

‘Adobe Ziipatcher 5.2.2 crack 2020’ is the latest version of Adobe Zii that is the universal Adobe CC patcher. This device is designed to activate the adobe programs for the Mac operating system. It is also supported by the Windows operating system.

● Once installed, open the Adobe Zii; there will be an option called Patch or Drag, by a single click on that option you can fix all of your needs related to Adobe. 

adobe zii

● This latest application is supported by the latest Mac OS Catalina.

● The programs that are activated through Adobe Ziipatcher 5.2.2 are for full time. 

● Users said that this latest version of Adobe Zii is free from malware and many types of infectious materials such as Trojans.

● There is no need to say that this application is 100% free, and it will never ask you for any charges. 

Adobe Zii latest version supports these following Adobe programs:

  1. Adobe Illustrator
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe InCopy
  4. Adobe Dimension
  5. Adobe Audition 
  6. Adobe Premiere Elements
  7. Adobe Audition 
  8. Adobe Prelude & many more Adobe applications.

How can you install the latest version of adobe zii?

Are you eager to know how to install the latest version of Adobe Patcher? Just follow the simple steps.

  1. Firstly install the software from Adobe Creative Cloud app for desktop. Then disconnect the internet connection of your computer. 

adobe zii

  1. Open the app Adobe Zii. Keep in mind; you will need the Administrator password for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Just click the option ‘Patch’ to complete the cracking. Always be sure that the targeted Adobe application must not be on your computer. 
  2. There you go! 

adobe zii

During these steps, you can face some technical errors. They are like- “Adobe Zii” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer, etc. You have to make the Gatekeeper disabled to fix these problems.

Alternatives of adobe zii:

Why will you use an illegal and unlicensed application if you are not engaged in any professional jobs related to photos, videos, or designer works?

There are some free substitute ways of some Adobe programs. Although they can’t offer you entire facilities like licensed software, they can fix your significant needs.


This user-friendly app attracts customers for its benevolent functions and tools. If you are looking for processing raw files, Raw-therapy is the best option for you. The color handling of this application is also excellent.

Raw-therapy is an excellent alternative to various Adobe programs related to photo management or Lightroom. The only drawback of this app is less number of tutorials.

Davinci resolve:

You will be exclaimed to know that Davinci Resolve plays an aesthetic role as a substitute for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It will assure you with all of the video operations that are available in that adobe application

The color correction is the best plus-point of this application, and it is excellent to create visual effects.


It is a free photo editor that offers many functions and has photoshop like features. The most exciting thing is that you don’t have to install it because it works directly on the internet.

As Pixlr has a clear interface, the options will not distract you. Besides having many great features, the only drawback is that Pixlr needs an internet connection.

This article is to provide you with the details of Adobe patcher and its advantages and disadvantages. As discussed, you can enjoy several adobe products using this application, but make sure that your PC must not get affected for illegal use of mal-software. Keep surfing more and more to get more updates from Adobe Zii.